Truegenics | JV Policy
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JV Policy

Thank you for your interest with working with Truegenics on a JV (Joint Venture) level. We value all partners and affiliates and Truegenics’s success would not be possible without you!


Truegenics’s list is constantly growing and at 1.6 million subscribers (leads and buyers), we assure all partners that we send only quality clicks. We also value our subscribers and only promote what we believe in and in their best interest.


That being said, we have come up with guidelines in order to make all JV deals a win-win for both our partners and Truegenics.


– All offers and marketing has to be reviewed and approved by our team first BEFORE proceeding with any reciprocals on our part.


– 1st time reciprocals starts at 1,000 clicks to approved offers only.


– If the approved offer does not convert at least at $1 EPC:


  • Stop sending until the JV’s funnel converts at a better EPC.
  • Change the JV arrangement to a click swap where there’s no paid commissions on either side.
  • Reapproach the deal to make it a win-win for you and us.


– For all successful and subsequent reciprocals, we can scale the deal up to 10,000 clicks if both sides are available to deliver that volume.


– We will only match unique solo email traffic clicks (not including social media, banner or website traffic).


– We reserve the rights for flexibility on send dates with the promise of being kept in the loop.


– All creatives have to be sent to us at least 1 week before the send date.


– If you do not have a reporting platform, we expect a sales report at the end of the month.


– ABSOLUTELY NO NEGATIVE MARKETING. No “This is a Scam” and turning around to promote the product with your affiliate link. This will not only get ALL commissions negated. You will not be allowed to promote any future products from our company.

Payment Policy

– All offers are currently on a CPA basis.


– We currently only pay out via Paypal or Wire.


– All affiliates are liable for entering their own payment details in Hasoffers to ensure that they get paid on time.


– Payments will only be wired if sales have reached $250; payment will be deferred to the following week until sales has reached this threshold.


– FIRST PAYMENT will be wired to your designated bank account or Paypal on the Friday two weeks from joining as an affiliate.


– Subsequent payments will be wired weekly every Friday.


– Affiliates will bear all wire fees and charges.

2nd Tier Policy

– 2nd tier referrals are only valid when new affiliates are introduced to us personally and they sign up with your referral link.


– All commissions generated from 2nd tiers will be paid out with your regular commissions (Refer to payment policy).